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Uhmm i love harry potter. <33 [entries|friends|calendar]

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July 25th, 2005
[ mood | heh heh ]


i finally made my myspace prettyy =)
but i need friends now
and i dont know if i know how to add people right
lmao so someone can help me..


alrighty well im going to bedd

xoxox <333

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well hi there [Saturday
July 23rd, 2005
[ mood | ..i dont know.. =) ]

havent updated in like.. more than a week

all week i was at camp
hahah steven mercedes coryy
it was fun sometimes but like other times it was boring

i finished harry potter and the half blood prince ahhhhhh its my favorite book ever now.
because i love ron
and harry
and all of them.

awwhh and mercedes and coryy.. you guys are too cute <33

but yahh.. then friday joanna was back so i went over there and saw tristen <3 and then friday night i went to the movies with steven chelsea and jessica(?) yahh we saw charlie and the chocolate factory now.
omg my favorite movie now i love it =) hahahaha me and chelsea were like laughing the whole time like when the puppets caught on fire.. OMFG no one else in the whole place laughed at that except us. so that just made me laugh more. ahhhhhhhhhaha
the movie wasnt even funny lmao

yes well today i just cleaned all day with mom.. and now im at my dads.. dont know why.. cuz im going back to moms in the morning? yahh ughh
so yahh my dad and laurie are watching Be Cool? i hate that movie. except for this part where all the black guys come up to the house ahhhha

okayy well im gonna go i will update later xoxo

comment <33

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July 15th, 2005
[ mood | ahhhhweee ]

hate it or love it my underdogs on top;; and im gonna shine homie until my heart stopsCollapse )

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July 9th, 2005
[ mood | peaceful ]

Going to Utah!

I'll be back July 14th..

call me wheneverr!

xoxox <33


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July 8th, 2005
The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You're barely waking
And I'm tangled up in you

I'm open, you're closed
Where I follow, you'll go
I worry I won't see your face
Light up again

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide

I'm quiet you know
You make a frist impression
I've found I'm scared to know I'm always on your mind

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find
You and I collide

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to ryhme
Out of the doubt that fills your mind
You finally find
You and I collide

You finally find
You and I collide
You finally find
You and I collide

favorite song everr
its so cute
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campp [Friday
July 8th, 2005
[ mood | worried =/ ]

Camp<33Collapse )

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hay [Tuesday
July 5th, 2005
[ mood | crampss ]

hayy its been a while.. since like last week? so im not gonna update since then.. hmm all i really did was.. went to heathers (ahh so fun lmao.. so icyy) ill have pics laterr.. and i babysat alot.. and stuff like that.

hahhahh today i started camp.

Ronald Coochie
Chris Winkie


yahh it was prettayyyy fun. only because of like steven and mercedes and stufff.. since JEFF effing left me for north carolina.. GAY

so yahh firstt we were smelling a magazine and it smelled like a tampon.. it was some ad i think.. and the councelor took it away.. aahahhhah

and i learned what a spinkter and a sphinker is. [they are different] hahah fun

hokaii.. well im gonna go take a shower


<33 ashlyn

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June 29th, 2005
[ mood | =( sad ]

ive been wounded, jaded, loved and hatedCollapse )

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June 28th, 2005
[ mood | a/c is finally working. cold. ]

nothing to lose nothing to proveCollapse )

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alo. ow are you [Monday
June 27th, 2005
[ mood | lazy ]

its MoNdAy.. the beginning of the week. =)

It's you and me and alll of the peopleCollapse )

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June 24th, 2005
[ mood | Chipper. ]

just got outta the showerrr
we are leaving fer joannas soonn
hMmMmMM this week has been prettayy fun i guessS?

Wednesday- went over to jos at like 1ishh? and watched tristen for a while.. went to pick up kaseyy.. then my cousins finally got in from california.. and they went to OLIVE GARDEN on 41 before they even came to see any of us.. so we suprised them at olvie garden.. because we are cool.. like thatt. then we went back to grampas? and i hung out with hannah and holly... and kasey.. kasey got in trouble like 90281908 times.. once at olive garden.. because she was talking about SPERM.. lmfao.. there was a little circly thingy on the menu and shes like ashlyn look it looks like a little sperm.. ahhhhhhhhahahahah.. and hannah is like what did she say? so i felt badd and didnt wanna be like nothing.. so joanna told her to stop talking about spermm.. hahah.. its so funny.. kaseys from here and hannah is from california.. they are both 9.. but they are SOOO different.. kasey yells SHIT in the car.. and talks about sperm.. and tries on dirty thongs.. lmao.. but hannah is like such a good little girll hahha awwhh i love her... mmkay well that night we all spent the night at joannas... i didnt go to bed until like 1? because joanna was showingg me this lovely book called Whats Happening To Me.. a book she is reading to kasey about "growing up changes" lmao

Thursday-woke up at 7:30am took a shower.. GOT MY EFFING BRACES OFF!! ahhhhh so happy. kasey says i look retarded. shes stupid. then we went swimming and stuff all day.. then went to my dads house.. and hungry howies.. lmao ohh geez.. hannah broke a plate into like 9280210938 pieces....... ahhhhhhahahah and kaseyy was playing in the bathroom.. hokay.. then we went back to my ds house and went swimming and played.. touch the bottom of the pool.. lmao i do not know. kay then they went home and i stayed at my dads house for the night. on an air mattress in my dads office bc my gramma got here last night. didnt fall assleep until like 1:30 bc air matresses suck.

friday- dad drained all the air out of my air mattress at 10. i was pissed. i wanted to sleepp. ughh.. got up drank coffee tried on a bunch of lauries old skirts.. omfg they are like mrs hyer skirts.. they go up to ur boobs. ohh geezz. took a showerr.. ate soup.. called katie.. EFFING HOE CANNOT COME TODAY! ahhhhhhhhhh.. hmm and now i am here. at 11:56am waiting for gramma and laurie to come back from meximart so we can go to jos. the big "family reunion" thing is today. there is going to be NO ONE my age there.. becausee KATIE CANNOT GO.. except for this kid brandon who is 14? and i havent seen him since i was four? hes like my cousins aunts uncles mom step hunsbands son. or something. i have no idea. but oh wellll... it should be fun i guess?
OMGGG TRISTEN SAID MY NAME YESTERDAY!! AWHHHHHHHHHHHH!! it was like "Atin" but oh well thats close enough
hokay well im going to go. dry my hair. put on makeup. and brush my BRACELESSS teeth again.
xoxoxo love youu
call the celll todayyy

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June 21st, 2005
[ mood | :| ]

todayy was okaii
i was at jos most of the day
theres so much stuff we have to do to get readdii for this week and weekendd
people are coming from like.. all overr the U.S? well mostly california
but like places like north carolina and virginia
and hawaii
ahhhhhhh hahahah yayy it should be fun
lmao at least i hope
eeww we had to clean out jo's condo.. bc people are staying there
the mexicans who stayed there before
ahhhh they smoked in the house and shitt
lmao it smelled so bad.. and there was BLOOD on the pillow case
WTF hahahhhhah so we like cleaned it out and bought new sheets//blankets//pillow cases
and air fresheners lmao
so its all good now =)
ahhhhi cant wait.. the people (my coussinnss) driving from california are in alabama right now.. so they should be here by tomorrow nighht or thursday morning? and THURSDAY MORNING=NO MORE BRACESS BITCHHH
ahhhhhhhhhhh yay!
hokay welll im boreddd.. so im gonna go.. tomorrow.. going to jos again? to help out for the thingg? mmmmkkk call me lovess
xoxoxoxo <333
ashlyn renee

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earrrrllyy [Monday
June 20th, 2005
[ mood | BITCHY ]

heyy. its earrrly. my dad just dropped me off at my mommahhs.. he has to work today and so does laurie.. and i dont like being home alone over at his house cuz its newer? yaah and im not used to it.. so i just come to my moms during the day. even if its his week.
im tired. but i can neverr go back to bed. so whatever.
i am soo pissseddd... mike took the tv out of mine and my sisters room and put it in the living room.. b/c the one in the living room is broken.
INSTEAD of taking it out of logans room. haha pshh i know whos idea THAT was. mikes of course. of course dont take the tv out of his BABY BOY'S room.. so instead take it out of ashlyn and teryns.
and now im talking to my mom about it andd shes sticking up for him.. duhh like always. WHAT IS THAT.
ughh shes supposed to stick up for us duh?
they all make me mad sometimess.. =/
helll no

ANYYYYWAYYYYSSSSS.......... today i have no idea what i am doing.. watching my sister of course.. ugh.. and maybe grampa is coming out? i hope so because im gonna be boreddd.. unless AMANDA youu call me?! kayy?! HOKAY

okay well im gonna go for now. because im in a bad mood. and all i will be doing is complaining. and bitching. because i have an "attitude problem"

byebye xoxoxoox <33

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kneeeeeeeeeeee [Sunday
June 19th, 2005
[ mood | FINALLY YAY ]

ahahaha omfg..
it took me forever but i FINALLY got my layout//background thingg to work
omg hahh i was getting SO pissedd.. i screwed it up SOOOOO bad
but now its prettay =)

today was so boring
i didnt do anything


yay.. next week is our family reunion thingg? sounds kindahh gayy
but i get to see my cousins.. nd i havent seen those girls in FoReVeR
and also my aunt and uncle.. andd a bunch of other people that i have probably never met..
ahhh i cant wait hahahh

AND OMG.. the BRACES are coming OFF on tuesay. at 9:45 babyyy!
yay ahhhh im so happy! but i dont know if my teeth are ready? i hope hes not taking them off too soon...
hmm anywayy
i think im going to busch gardens sometime.. not next week.. but the week after.. yay funn funn..
then the week after= CAMP! yay haah sOoOo happyy lmao
Well im realle bored
so i think im gonna go... xoxoxo love yah lots

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On the Outside . [Saturday
June 18th, 2005
[ mood | . ]

i just got out of the pool with my sister
she told me she dances like a black girl
out of no where.. wtf.. haa goddah love her

im in such a notgood mood.
i feel like crying?

someone call me? or no
my phone is not here

tomorrow then

<3 ashh

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mall with stevennnn xo lmao [Saturday
June 18th, 2005
[ mood | evn the best fall down smtimes ]

hey. todayy was fun.. i woke up soOoOoO early thoughh.. at like 7:30.. and i took a shower and got ready and stuff.. (my mom mike and logan were all at a triathalon? mike was in it? so yahh i was alone) and i was like done getting readdyy by 8:30.. and i wasnt even getting picked up until 10:45.. lmao i was mad.. i coulda slept like 2 more hours..

oh well im lazy its good to wake up before 12 for once..

yahh so stevenss mom pickedd me up at 10:45.. and we went to target... haha targets gayy.. and then brandon mall <33 ahhh i love that place...

haah steven the talking chairs.. lmao u were like wtf.  yah but i bought like a bunch of shirts.. from abercrombie.. hollister.. american eagle.. and aeropostale.. <3 we werent there veryy longg..

hahaha spencers<3 ahh i love that store.. funnnayy.. the molesting little animalss.. and the dog with big balls who sang loudd ahhah  hokayy than afterr.. we went out to eat.. but didnt sit in the middle of the place.. so people wouldnt watch steven eat.. lmfao.. hahhhah

haah then we leftt..(haahh ur mom opened the doorr in the middle of the road.. what if she just like left and startedd walkingg off and people were honkingg..wed have to drive home.. hahaha w.t.f i was laughing so muchh)

yahhh so they dropped me off.. and then mommayy took me over to dads.. and we all went to applebees.. and i talked to hannahh.. they are all on their way down here from california already!! yayy <33 then i came home. and did nothing. well i read a magizine so that is fun. i have no idea what im doing tomorrow. ahhhh

hokayy well im going to go.. dad and teryn are going swimming?

xoxoox love yahh <33


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June 18th, 2005
[ mood | <----weeeeeeeee ]

it is very early for a saturday morning..
but i am going to brandon mall today
so i hadda get up early and take a shower
and get ready
but like.. im almost ready.. and its only 8:40
and im not getting picked up till like 10:45
lmao two hours from now
oh well
hmm im listening to the top 40 on 93.3 rightt now
yahh so
whats up
im boredd
Just A lil bit- #13 in america
cool coool
ahhh my dog smells
i need to get started on that GAY 7 habits book..
ughh parts of summer have been realle boring
but deff. not all of it
i like typing like this
im going to do it from now on
so i will have very longg entries
ok well im going to go dry my hairr
xoxoxo love yahh
ashlyn =)

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June 17th, 2005
You scored as Bridgette. You are Bridgette. You are an amazing athlete, especially when it comes to soccer. You are also very tall and very attractive. You can get guys no problem, and you love that fact.










What Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Character are You?
created with QuizFarm.com

hhahah soccer.. no

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c R a Z y N e S s [Thursday
June 16th, 2005
[ mood | hahhaha oh lord ]

omgg hahah what a nightt

hahaha okay well today i went to joannas and babysat tristen for a while <33 then i came home and took a shower and got ready for the movies with tyann and james. tyanns mom picked me up at like 6:30 and we our movie didnt start till like 7:30 so me tyann and james just sat there and looked at pictures and stuff until we went in. we were the first ones in there.. ahahha.. and couldnt pick a seat.. and someone stole james quarter.. ahahah i was gonna yell at her but james is like noo ! pshh gay! lol yah we saw madagascar.. there was nothing else out.. and it was funny. i was the lion james was the FEMALE hippo.. tyann was the zebra.. and we made sam the giraffe even tho she wasnt there. hahahha funnny shit
okay ANYWAYS.. after the movie i called my mom.. and james took the phone.. and she told him that she was driving by the rib crib.. (and thats realle close to the movies so i figured she would be there realle soon) but we are like out there waiting for 15 minutes... so i go to call my mom and tyann has a message on her phone.. and she listens to it and shes like.. umm that was ur mom she wants us to take u home.. she just rear ended someone.. ahha im like WTF ARE U KIDDING ME! so i call my mom and shes like ive been in an accident.. so tyanns mom drives me to 301 where my mom in that huge brand new honda ridge line truck.. and this old beat up buick.. and the ridgeline isnt even ours.. honda owns it.. my uncle has just been driving it aroundd to promote sales for honda? or something like that? andd my mom had it tonight because her car is being worked on. oh lordd.
c R a Z y // but anywaysss.. tyanns mom dropped me off with my mom.. and we were standing there.. at 9:30 oclock waiting for the friggin cops to come and fill out a report... we were there for like an hourr.. ahahhah jesus.. but i am home now.. and im so tired.. so im gonna go.. and my mom JUST got home.. (my stepdad picked me up from the side of the rode on 301) ahaha
so im gonna like.. go to SLEEP.. dont feel like updating anymore.. lol hahahahahah ohhhhh lord.
xoxoxo love yahh

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ahhhh [Wednesday
June 15th, 2005
[ mood | ugh some ppl are so gayy ]

hayy hayy

havent like actually updated in a while i dont think. i just got back from the beach with katie and laura. my grampa took us. haha it was fun but it was like red tide.. and there were dead fishies everywhere.. awhh it was so sad! but PRETTY grosss. i didnt wanna go in so me and laura just layed out most of the time. hahaha
yah well the past couple days have been pretty goodd.. monday i slept over at grampass and katie slept over.. we watched the darkness.. omfg that is the scariestt fuckinn movie EVER.. people said it was stupid.. but NO.. omg i hated it soo muchh i like criedd.. at the cieling part katie.. ahha omg hell no
and then yahh on tuesday katie went home.. cuz she got sickk.. so i just hung out over at grampas until he took me and teryn home.
yep and then today we went to the beachh
and thats it i believe =)

yah so now i am bored.. talkingg online.. to like no one? hahah cuz everyone is awayyy

someone needs to call me. i feel like i need to talk to some one.. :/

im gonna go.. ill update laterr
xoxox <33 ashlyn

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